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Meet Jay

Why did I choose this path?


I remember my cousin, who was just 14 years old at that time, came down with heart issues, weight gain, and breathing problems. It was very difficult seeing her under various treatments. My aunt (my cousin's mother), on the other hand, was dealing with her own health issues obesity in particular. It was obvious she wasn't feeling well physically or mentally due to being overweight and dealing with her sick child. My oldest aunt was also dealing with weight issues. The pain and confusion among family members grew in disbelieve. My grandmother was also declared extremely obese, my godmother was diagnosed with colon cancer, now we have five family members under the same roof fighting against obesity and GI issues.


They wouldn't listen to doctors' advice, or even attend to follow a healthier food choice, exercises, even if it was provided to them. Instead, they chose to sit at home all day, ignoring that this day could have been their last one. This went on for years, and of course their health has gotten worse with time. My little cousin died at 15 due to obesity and heart failure. My younger aunt died due to obesity and heart failure. My grandmother died due to obesity and heart failure. My godmother died due to colon cancer. My older aunt is still alive but refuses to follow a healthy lifestyle or change her eating habits. She's over 500 pounds, can hardly walk, and only gets up when necessary. These family members were cut off socially from friends and only accepted by family members, only the few that didn't gossip about them too.


I felt overwhelmed, lost, especially after losing my grandmother. It was a difficult journey for me trying to figure out which way to go and battle this heartless disease that takes many lives each day, without any remorse.


I now realized how important it would have been, if I only knew what I know today in order to help, guide them in making the right food choices, changes, and understand how to cope with their limiting factors, behaviors, depression, let them know that they're in charge of their own body and well-being, not cancer, not obesity.


I believe being in control of your health. Proper nutrition approach will improve your overall health and offer a rewarding spiritual growth and support, both physically and emotionally.


I've finally found my calling in life: to help and guide others that are struggling with their health, bodyweight, and unhealthy behaviors. I want my clients to feel stronger, healthier, learn how to  overcome life's obstacles. Something I couldn’t do for those who lost the battle, but now I want to do it for you!

Education and Training


  • Certified Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition

  • Certified in Exercise Nutrition with Precision Nutrition which is recognized by the top fitness and nutrition organizations in the world, and approved by The American College of Sports Medicine

  • Certified Nutritionist with the International Sports Sciences Association

  • Certified Nutrition Coach Level 2 with the International Sports Sciences Association, which is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). The DETC is listed by the U.S Department of Education as a nationally recognized agency. Registered with the Better Business Bureau and has been awarded with a rating of A+

  • Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist (CES) - Advanced Qualification with the Cancer Exercise Training Institute (CETI)

  • Certified Fitness Trainer


My approach to nutrition and overall health


Although it varies with each client, there are some general principles I extremely value in my practice as certified nutritionist and health coach. It might help you decide if we are a good fit….


  • Customized solution that works for you, one size don't fit all

  • Nutrient dense foods - eat mostly high quality foods, I cannot stress enough how important it is

  • Compassionate, careful listener - together with my guidance, we can create a plan and personal approach that works for you

  • Balancing your meals is the key - it's all about balancing blood sugar intake, maintaining your energy and keeping mood levels under control. I will coach you on how to adjust cravings, improve your ability to easily cope with life's challenges and other limiting factors; how to get rid of extra weight, improving your overall health, and feel like your best self again. A balance in your life and the importance of self care would bring excitement back for those around, work, family, relationships, lifestyle

  • Guts health - keeping your digestive system healthy will keep many underlying health issues in check. You will notice overall improvements, feeling less bloated, weight loss, less painful inflammation by keeping your GI functioning smoothly

  • Quality supplementation - I could provide options and suggestions of high quality products

  • Realistic approach - weather it's through guidance, preparing meals, grocery shopping, eating at your favorite restaurant. I will guide and be with you throughout the process. You're not alone!

  • Mind connection - control your appetite by a simple rule: mind over eating. I will teach you coaching techniques to mind eating and not the other way around.

  • Food and labeling - current dietary concerns includes, mislabeling. Can a product be labeled “organic” without being certified? I will teach you about labeling guidelines, and smart shopping. 


I encourage you to let go of crazy diets approach, any guilt, fear around food while eating  Enjoy food, taste it… slowly!



How do I empower you to feel your best?


My personal approach and role is to guide you in a new journey toward a greater overall wellness.


Together we will work on what's best for you, spiritually, socially, and emotionally for your daily lifestyle. I will help you feel better, address any sleeping disorders or patterns, stress management, exercises, nutrition goals and approaches, eating behaviors, depression, binging. Whatever your limitations are, I want to be that support in order for you to easily manage your life and health. I will be there for you with great compassion, understanding, and most importantly, no judgements.


I will empower to live a better you, to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, including relationships, or work place. Many people find it hard to balance daily routines with their nutrition and or exercises - I specialize in these behaviors and would assist you every step of the way.


My personal past experiences struggling with poor eating habits has taught me so much. I also know what it means to be confused, frustrated, scared to make changes, not having someone to guide me to the right path. I started my own journey on how to be healthy, feel confident without any guilt, enjoying life.


See, healthy eating isn't about cutting off what tastes good, not having a social life, and the limiting factors list goes on. It is about making the right choices and developing a lifetime confidence. The importance of consistency and dedication are powerful. Live a better you, make a change. 


I work with patients / clients both locally and across the country via emails, phone, or video chats. Please don't hesitate and contact me today to start your new journey to a healthier version of you.

Specializing in:

*Weight loss

*Weight management

*General health and wellness

*Cancer patients pre-post recovery 


*Tailored Meal Plans

*Vegan Macro Coaching

*Lean Muscle Gain


*Scientifically-Backed Supplement recommendations from trusted brands - gluten free, kosher, non-GMO, soy free, lactose free, vegan

@the Vitamin Shoppe


*Cardio routine

*Advanced Training Techniques

*One on One training